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We, at StarCrest Integrated farms, make your Fruits and Vegetables shopping a cozy and effortless experience. From the comfort of your home, office or even when you are on the move, we are just a click away. We are your alternative to any farmer’s market.

With unparalleled quality, aroma and taste, at your convenience, we deliver to your doorstep directly from our farm, a huge variety of the freshest products for your enjoyment, meal after meal.

It’s simple, easy and we promise you will get addicted.



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Starcrest has quickly became my number 1 fruit and veggies supplier in Abuja. They have absolutely great variety of any greens you need, always fresh, good looking and yummy veggies and fruit- and all organic on the top. Me, my sons and my husband- we all love and enjoy their products. They have flexible home delivery, very kind and reliable customer service and very good prices. Well done guys👏🏽


I have been eating vegetables from Starcrest Farm for years now. They are fresh, taste great. I also love the fact that they are organic. What's more, they are always at a reasonable price. Starcrest is by far my best option for healthy vegetables on the market!