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Warranty / Delivery Policy and Returns

1.  The customer must check the contents of the shipment upon receipt and make a comparison of both the order and the invoice that will be delivered to him at the time of delivery, without delaying the courier. In the event that a discrepancy of the products is discovered following the above inspection or in another case of dissatisfaction on the part of the customer with regard to the products supplied, the customer must notify the customer service center or the courier at the time of delivery. The customer service center will coordinate with the customer the completion / replacement / return of the product (s) and / or the customer's charge / credit, as the case may be and to the extent required by any law.

2.   Policy for returning products in food products that were purchased in bulk (such as vegetables and fruits) or in packaging - in accordance with the Fresh Food Products (Lossy Products) Law - no returns - these are fresh goods with sensitive shelf life and therefore no refunds can be accepted.

3.   In other food products - 24 hours within the date of receipt. Provided that they are closed in their original packaging and not used.

4.   In products that are not food products or other lossy goods within the meaning of the Section 24Consumer Protection Act 2005 (Return of defective goods), the right of cancellation is limited to food products. Cancellation is possible through the telephone customer service up to 3 hours from the time of ordering only. It will be emphasized that the customer's right to return a product or cancel the purchase will be solely in accordance with and subject to the provisions of the law, including the provisions of The Consumer Protection Law, 2005, the provisions of The Sales of Goods Act Cap 349, and the Guidelines of Card Issuance and Usage in Nigeria by Central bank of Nigeria (CBN), and / Or subject to company policy as it may be from time to time.

5.   You can return the products to the company's store in Idah, Kaduna road. After returning the products you will be credited with the price you paid for them (not including the shipping fee).  Starcrest Integrated Farms Ltd will be entitled to charge you a cancellation fee of 5% (five percent) of the transaction price, provided that the return was not due to a defect or breakdown in the product. In the event of such defect or breakdown you will not be charged a cancellation fee.

6.    If you have opened the product packaging, used it or consumed it, you will not be able to return it unless the product has been damaged, and the return has been approved by customer service.

7.    In any case, the return and exchange of products will be done in accordance with and subject to all laws, including the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

8.    If the company decides to hold any promotion on the site, then the promotion will be valid until the last date of the promotion and / or until the end of inventory (according to the earlier date of theirs), all subject to the terms and / or relevant promotional regulations, and / or subject to the product on offer. (Both next to the product and in the "link" to the product by marking it on the website).

9.    To the extent that the Company decides to provide its customers with gifts and / or benefits to buyers on the Site, the choice of gifts and / or benefits will be at its sole discretion, and the Company will be entitled to discontinue and / or change the said benefits and / or gifts at any time and without prior notice. Of buying X and receiving a product for free, the promotion will be valid once per customer.

10.   A customer may cancel an order and / or change it on the website or through the telephone customer service center no later than 2 hours after placing an order. Any subsequent change will be considered as a new and separate shipment.

11.    The company will be entitled to cancel an order as long as it notifies the customer.

12.    Many of the products are natural and fresh products. Therefore, there may be changes in the product level. Each complaint regarding the quality of the product will be discussed separately, and the company will act at its discretion to credit the price of the product on the credit card.

13.    The company will try to deliver all the products to order, but as mentioned, not all products will always be available for delivery within a reasonable time. Therefore, the company does not undertake to deliver all the products in the order whether it is stated that they are in stock or not and the customer will not have any claims against the company for not delivering any product from the order. The company will provide the customer with only the products that are in stock or substitutes in coordination with the customer as long as the customer requests it.

14.    The company will make every reasonable effort to reach you within the hours of arrival you requested. However, there may be changes and delays depending on road traffic, weather and other faults. If the company fails to deliver the order on the set date, the company may send the order at another time to be set or cancel the order and credit the customer in the affirmative.

15.    Notwithstanding what is stated everywhere in these terms of use, it is hereby clarified that changes / deviations may apply to the delivery dates and the company is not obligated to these dates.

16.    The company will not charge, as part of the order, the price of the product / s that will not be delivered in accordance with the above.

17.     For the avoidance of doubt, it is clarified that the server clock, on which the website is operated, will constitute final and decisive evidence regarding the time of order confirmation by the customer on the website. The registration time on the company's computers will constitute final and decisive evidence regarding the time of the order being confirmed by the customer and the time of the account being issued by the company.

18.    Typing an order on the site is possible 24 hours a day, unless the site is down for maintenance and / or for any other reason. The delivery dates and times of the order are subject to the conditions specified in these terms of use. The Starcrest Farm website shows the delivery dates available for delivery according to your area of residence and subject to the distribution areas of the site. By placing an order by phone, you can receive the delivery dates to the customer's home, from the service representatives at the service center.

19.     Ordering and / or changing an order and / or canceling an order by phone is only possible during business hours at the customer service center. The operating hours will be updated from time to time at the Company's discretion, without the need for prior notice, and will be published on the website.

20.    Notwithstanding what is stated everywhere in these terms of use, it is hereby clarified that changes / deviations may apply in the business hours of the customer service center and the company is not committed to these dates.

21.   The customer hereby expressly agrees that the use of the site is at his sole risk. The Company, its affiliates, employees, agents, agents, and directors thereof, do not declare or undertake that the use of the Site will be uninterrupted and / or error-free and / or error-free and / or will be provided without interruption.

22.   Access is given to the site as it is and as it is available, on an "AS IS” basis and on an "AS AVILABLE” basis. The Company disclaims all representations, warranties, guarantees, declarations and conditions, whether express or implied, in connection with the Site and its use.
Lack of responsibility

1.    The company is not responsible for any damage (including damage to the body) and / or loss and / or loss of any pocket (hereinafter referred to as: "the damages") caused to the company's customer and / or any third party as a result of and / or in connection with the purchase on the site and / Or the inability to make a purchase and / or be caused as a result of an act and / or negligence and / or negligence of the company, including, a purchase made by credit card without the consent of the owner, a purchase made by a minor and / or an invalid without the consent of his parents and / or A guardian, an action performed on the site by any third party that enters the site and causes damage, an action performed by any third party using the client's password on the site, etc.

2.    The customer will bear full responsibility for damage and / or loss of pocket of any kind caused to him and / or the company and / or any third party for an error he made in typing the data, including an error in typing his address, an error in typing credit card information, an error in entering an address for delivery and so on. Mistakes.

3.     The customer releases the company from any liability for damage of any kind that may be caused to him and / or to any third party as a result of a technical malfunction in the hardware and / or software related to the site.

4.    The company will not be liable, in relation to the site, for any damage of any kind that may be caused to the customer and / or any third party as a result of an act and / or omission beyond its control, including but not limited to force majeure, such as war, earthquake, extreme weather etc'.

5.     The company will not be liable, in connection with the site, for damages caused to the customer and / or any third party as a result of a communication failure that results from the act and / or negligence and / or negligence of Internet providers and / or communication providers wherever they are.

6.     The company will not be liable for any damage of any kind caused, directly or indirectly, to the customer and / or any third party, in connection with the products purchased on the site and which a third party who is the manufacturer and / or importer provided them to the company, all subject to liability law.

7.    In no event will the Company be liable for any damage and / or loss and / or loss directly, indirect, accidental, special, consequential and / or punitive, arising from and / or related to this agreement.

8.   Without prejudice to any of the foregoing, in any event the Company will not be liable for an amount of damage in excess of the price of the relevant products which have been actually ordered and paid for by the customer.