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HOT PEPPER Hot peppers are truly a gift we didn’t know we needed. These chiles that burn your mouth, make you tear up, and gets your forehead sweating actually have a ton of benefits. Not only do hot peppers to add flavor to your meals, but they can improve your health, increase weight loss, and build a stronger immune system. Say what? There are even studies that growing hot peppers and other fruit and vegetables can help combat carbon emissions and improve mental and physical health. Pretty crazy how much power one small spicy fruit can hold. Benefits of Hot Pepper CAN IMPROVE HEART HEALTH SOOTHE ANNOYING JOINT PAIN AND NERVE PAIN GETS RID OF MIGRAINES CAN HELP WITH WEIGHT LOSS BENEFITS YOUR DIGESTIVE TRACT CLEARS THAT RUNNY NOSE, AND FIGHTS THE FLU, COLD, AND FUNGAL INFECTIONS STOPS THAT BAD BREATH SMELL